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Environmentally Friendly

21st Century Earth Friendly Cleaning Products.

These 4 commonly used products are harmful to the water we drink. Protocol™ is certified FREE of these harmful chemicals


Are you using Harmful Household Cleaners?(pdf download)


Clean Air Guide:  How to identify and Correct Indoor Air Problems in Your Home or Office Report commssion by Canada Mortgage and Housing written by Dr. Virginia Salares, indoor air quality expert. (pdf download)


Guide to Less Toxic Living(website from Nova Scotia very comprehensive and easy to use)









There are 26 bodies that are recognized worldwide with regards to the scientific testing of products for the worthyness of being called "Earth Friendly".  

For our purposes in Canada, we have Terrachoice and its EcoLogo™ trademarked certification. Their standards are so tough, only 20% of the applicants make it.

Please, allow another browser to open and go to the EcoLogo website

Protocol™ Certificate of EcoLogo Compliance



This MADE in ALBERTA product is used in the Oil and Gas Industry to help them meet their goals of becoming better stewarts of the land. Now its available to the general public and Seba Soap is proud to be the conveyor of this good news to you.

  • Through first hand use we have found Protocol™ to work as well as and in a lot of cases, better than the products we were using.
  • Protocol™ Biodegrades in the soil within 48 hours, the organic compnents are food for the bacteria in the soil.
  • Safe on septics, Protocol™ even promotes septic activity.
  • Safe on hands, professional cleaners have reported that they have less hand soreness after switching to Protocol™
  • Concentrated formulas available for some Protocol™ products.

For a complete list of Eco Friendly Protocol™ Products Click Here



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