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Click on one of the links below to go to the product information page. All Protocol™ products are Environmentally Friendly Some Protocol™ are ECOLOGO™ Certified, Most of them are CFIA Approved and the Floor Finish is APE FREE

Protocol Letter of Environment compliance


The protocol products use alternatives to traditional chemistry that provide a smaller

environmental footprint and increased safety. The Protocol products are guaranteed to be free of

the following chemicals:

1. Phosphate free

- Phosphate runoff leads to overgrowth of algae populations in bodies of water.

This leads to oxygen depravation in the water and will eventually kill fish

2. Nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE) free

- NPE is used to emulsify oils into water to be cleaned away. NPE runoff degrades

into a toxic persistent chemical. It is highly toxic especially to aquatic life and

can disrupt hormones in many male aquatic species.

3. Butoxyethanol free

- Butoxyethanol is a common household solvent (usually used in glass cleaners). It

is considered toxic to humans and can be absorbed by inhalation, ingestion or

through skin contact. It is highly volatile and thus contributes to air pollution.

This is can lead to degradation of indoor air quality.

4. EDTA Free

- EDTA is a common ingredient in many household detergents. It used to trap hard

water particles, increasing the efficiency of the detergent in hard water. However,

when flushed to the sewer EDTA can pull heavy metals out of treated sewage

and put them back into the water system.


Despite not using these common chemicals, the Protocol products have been designed to offer the

same if not better performance than their conventional counterparts.

All Protocol products are classified as readily biodegradable. Protocol products are also

concentrated to limit costs associated with packaging and transportation. Protocol K-300, K-300i,

K-650, K-661 and K-400 all carry the Ecologo seal which guarantees biodegradability and

performance through third-party testing.

Lindsay Oulton B.Sc.

Sci-Tech Engineered Chemicals








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