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Click on one of the links below to go to the product information page. All Protocol™ products are Environmentally Friendly Some Protocol™ are ECOLOGO™ Certified, Most of them are CFIA Approved and the Floor Finish is APE FREE

We do not make any "MAGIC" claims, in fact, just the opposite. The EcoLogo™ products that we are offering to you from Sci-Tech will, we admit, will only solve about 80% of your cleaning requirements. There will be times that you need a more caustic chemical than what the sodium carbonate in the Protocol™ line can do. After all, the rules state that to be EcoLogo™ certified they can not be higher than a PH of 12.5. And when you need a more acid cleaner, then the organic salts in the Protocol™ line can only go as low as 2 PH. Although the Toilet Bowl Cleaner ACTS like 1.5PH

That's the rules for "EVERYONE"


What is amazing about the Protocol™ line, is how Sci-Tech figured out a way to combine earth friendly compounds like; Sodium Bicarbonate, Borax, Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide and their own earth friendly surfactant that have the power to "LIFT" dirt away. The Non-Ionic solution has the ability to attract charged dirt particles and pull them off the surface of the material being cleaned.

Review this testimonial from the city of Edmonton



City of Edmonton


Regarding: Supply’s of Environmentally Friendly Chemical Products


We are pleased to provide this letter of reference for the Protocol line of Environmentally Friendly chemical products.  These products are provided by Sci-Tech Engineered Chemicals Inc. to the City of Edmonton through their Edmonton manufacturing facility.


The City of Edmonton has established the product performance of the Protocol line of environmentally friendly products to be of a high quality.  Our MSDS specialist has examined the scientific (MSDS) data and cleared the Protocol products for use within all City departments.  An ongoing test program is in place to ensure the best possible usage of the Protocol products within the various City departments and suggested use criteria for contracted City business.


Our environmental program consists of four criteria: ecological impact, product performance, client service, and value.  The Protocol line of products and the service offered by the manufacture Sci-Tech Engineered Chemicals has met the stated criteria while providing a valuable business partnership,  The supplementary chemical training and operational information provided has proved highly beneficial and has assisted in streamlining City operational literature.


The City of Edmonton appreciates the fact that the Protocol line of products is manufactured in Alberta and as such service is immediate and the support systems are close at hand.  The pursuit of environmentally friendly chemical products to maintain City facilities and equipment is an ongoing endeavour that will require a business nature to assist our programs.  We have found the Protocol product and services offered by Sci-Tech Engineered Chemicals to meet these needs.


If further information is required, please contact myself.




Rob Kuziw

Custodial Services Inspector


Click here to visit the manufacturers website of this very effective product line and read more testimonials.




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